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Are you currently a Pittsburgh, PA customer trying to decide whether to buy or lease your new Subaru car, hatchback, or SUV? There are people you'll meet who will advocate for one of these options over the other, but, in the end, the decision comes down to what fits your own personal lifestyle and budget. Complicating everything is the fact that there is a lot of information out there that isn't based in fact about both these financing choices. The finance professionals at Subaru of Moon Township, located at 5450 University Boulevard in Moon Township, PA, are here to give you all the information you need about buying and leasing so you can make the best decision for you. While you're at it, please feel free to check out all the new Subaru models we have available here at the dealership.

Everything You Need to Know About Leasing

A Subaru lease is not as mysterious as it seems. Despite all the misinformation about it, a lease is really just an auto financing option that gets you behind the wheel of a new Subaru vehicle at a low monthly payment for a short period of time, and for a predetermined amount of mileage. Over the past several years, this has become a very attractive way for many Beaver PA drivers to finance their new Subaru. Leasing fits very well into the lifestyle and budget of many different types of drivers. If you are wondering whether you might be a great fit for leasing, consider if you meet some of the following criteria:

  • A low mileage driver, meaning fewer than 15,000 miles a year.
  • The type of person who starts eyeing a new vehicle every couple of years.
  • Want to have all the latest bells and whistles in your driving experience.
  • Don't have a lot of interest in customizing your new Subaru car, hatchback, or SUV.

Even if this doesn't sound like you, leasing still might be the best choice. There are many North Hills, PA drivers who choose leasing for a variety of other reasons, including some of the excellent benefits. People who are seriously considering a Subaru lease, but don't know if it is the right fit for them should consider speaking to one of our knowledgeable finance professionals. Our payment tool is also a great way to compare monthly payments of buying and leasing new Subaru models. Some of the benefits of leasing include:

  • A low monthly payment on a new Subaru model that you couldn't get with an auto loan for a similar term.
  • Coverage underneath the Subaru vehicle warranty for the entire time you have the vehicle.
  • A short-term commitment to a Subaru car, hatchback, or SUV that gives you multiple options at the end of your lease, including leasing a newer model with all the latest convenience, luxury, and safety features.

All You Need to Know About Purchasing

There are many Weirton, WV drivers who believe in getting an auto loan for their new Subaru. Traditional financing is still a great choice for a variety of drivers, and may actually be the best option for many of them. We understand that there are many customers who may not know if a car loan is the best financing solution for their needs. Many of the South Hills, PA drivers who choose traditional financing tend to have the following attributes:

  • Drive a lot of miles or have a lifestyle that makes their mileage variable.
  • Like the idea of adding on accessories to make their Subaru vehicle their own.
  • Don't want to have to shop for a new car every few years.

As with leasing, even if you don't meet any of the criteria above, buying your new Subaru car, hatchback, or SUV might be the best choice for you. For example, you might be a low-mileage driver, but maybe you have a job that puts your vehicle at the risk of a lot of damage. Buying your Subaru might be a good idea. Of course, many drivers love purchasing their Subaru for the following reasons:

  • At the end of their auto loan, they will own their vehicle and have equity in it.
  • There is no concern about going over their miles.
  • Excess wear and tear, as well as other end of lease obligations, are not an issue.
  • There are no limits on what you can do to make your vehicle your own.

Making the Right Choice For Your Financial Situation and Lifestyle

In order to make their decision, many customers peruse all the various offers, while others browse the Subaru financing specials.  Contact a finance team member at Subaru of Moon Township, in Moon Township, PA, or complete our online credit application, and get started on learning which of these options is right for you.

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