Handling a car on a rainy day is a difficult task that some drivers underestimate. Moderate precipitation could make asphalt and concrete slippery enough to cause loss of traction for most automotive tires. Even worse, tires that are worn out might perform extremely poorly on a wet road.

It's important to do a seasonal inspection of your car's tire tread to determine if a replacement is needed. Even if you have all-season tires with plenty of tread remaining, there is still a slight risk of skidding and swerving during a rain storm. Slowing down is perhaps the best precaution that you could take to avoid loss of control on a road that's covered in water.

Visit Day Apollo Subaru in Moon Township, PA to get professional advice on the performance of your vehicle. By checking the tires, brakes and other components, we'll make sure that you're ready to handle inclement weather in any season.



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